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Un-planning wedding exercise

7 Feb
Project development stages

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Project management and wedding planning are interchangeable terms. Both utilize timelines with important milestones, research, required materials, contact names and roles, and so much more (thrilling diagram pictured). Sounds like an exciting way to plan what is suppose to be a fun and relaxing day, right? Not so much.

Let’s use project management to un-plan your wedding. A basic tool used in PM is the Five W’s: what, why, who, where and when. Grab pen, paper and your PMP (a.k.a. pre-marital partner, I can’t say fiancée…it’s just too…foreign) and ask yourself the below questions from a wedding rebel standpoint.

Why are you getting married?

Seems like a silly question, but it is important to ask. Your answer should only include thoughts on commitment, love, union, vows, etc… If you say you’re excited to wear a wedding dress or host an open bar for 200 people you are headed for divorce court my friend.

Why do you want to have a rebel wedding?

In other words, are you committed to having an intimate destination wedding or elopement? It is inevitable folks will give you some flack, so are you ready to hold your rebel ground?

What wedding plans are you unwilling to alter?

Again, this should not include your unwillingness to cut one of your fifteen bridesmaids. Un-planning your wedding means being committed to an intimate and meaningful event. You must be unwilling to host a huge, catered, circus production simply because you feel it is expected of you.

Alright, I got you started. Ask yourselves more Why and What questions, in addition to the When, Where and Who questions. Thinking through these queries will help you zone in on what is important and keep your distance from the ever-stalking wedding beasts. One bite and hello Bridezilla…or Groomenstein.


Beat the Bride

2 Feb

No, I am not advising you punch a bridezilla in the face. Rather, enter the slightly less enjoyable Beat the Bride Contest. Certainly, some brides deserve a beating and here’s your chance…sorta.

Beat brides of the past, present or future by sharing your TRUE bridezilla nightmare moment story. The most dramatic, shocking and perhaps slightly disturbing story will win! Three winners (one for each category…for the mathematically challenged) will win a fab bridal box (sample pictured). Here are the rules:

1. Enter your real bridezilla story below as a post. Be sure to use an email I can use to reach you should you win.

2. State in your post the category you are entering: past (any date prior to Feb. 1st), present (getting hitched by April 30th) or future (May 1st+) 

3. Keep your true story under 350 words.

4. Post your nightmare tale by February 26th.

Your story may also be published in Wedding Rebellion: Saying “I Do” to the Marriage and “Hell No” to the Drama (with your written permission, of course).

Good luck bridal beasts of the past, present and future! Beat the crap out of each other!