Marital Monies

6 Jan
Kissing the bride

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Dealing with marital monies, whether your own or kindly contributed, shouldn’t be like a visit from the IRS.  Your father shouldn’t get out his green visor and tape-spewing calculator.  A bride shouldn’t be stomping like a two year when she wants a gown she cannot afford.  Getting hitched means starting, and in most cases, continuing your life together romantically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Couples cannot ignore pending student loans, car payments or mortgages to throw a bash they have no business throwing. 

            Despite what many Accidental Bridezillas may think, you cannot buy a happy, perfect day.  Couples can employ the best wedding planner, the finest caterer, the most excellent DJ, but any production will have flaws.  Would you rather be uncomfortable playing a part in an overpriced show or be yourself in a genuine union?  There will be mishaps in either wedding, but one is far less costly and likely to go wrong.  In the guide The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book, Holly Lefevre says, “As a wedding planner, I have seen too many brides dwell on the what-ifs and doubt their choices amidst the din of others opinions.  For these brides, planning a wedding became a source of anxiety, and all the time and money spent planning a beautiful day didn’t buy them the experience of really enjoying it.”


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