Poop and Un-planning a Wedding

15 Nov

Un-planning your wedding is removing temptations that are being dangled in front of your face by the media, bridal industry and loved ones so you don’t become a bridezilla.   Un-planning your wedding means removing the handmade wedding programs and the ordering of custom M&M’s from your to do list.

We occasionally help out a local rescue group by acting as foster parents to  orphaned beagles.  One of these temporary guests, Izzy, was a horribly nervous and neglected beagle.  She had a disgusting behavior of eating her poop while it was still steaming.  Gross.  She lovingly passed this trait onto my non-poop eating dogs.  Unless my husband and I want to smell fecal matter on their breath as we cuddle up for the night, we have to use a pooper scooper to remove the nasty snack before Foster or Gabbie start munching.  We have to remove the temptation because no amount of reprimanding detours them.  It is not easy to wake up at 6:00am and follow two dogs around the yard waiting for them to pop a squat when I could be in my warm bed, but making the sacrifice is worth it. 

It may be challenging, but pick up your virtual poop scooper and remove the wedding temptations.  Resist throwing that overpriced bridal magazine in your cart while going through the checkout line or clicking endless inspiration photos on a wedding website to kill your lunch hour.  Over time these endless pictures and articles will leave a nasty taste in your mouth and before you know it you will be following the disturbing trends of others. 

Your wedding is about a union and commitment to each other.  Elaborate flower arrangements and expensive table linens may be tempting, but it will have no positive impact on your marriage.  It is just a nasty habit picked up by brides throughout the decades.


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