Get ready to rebel!

31 Oct

“It will all be worth it in the end,” was a statement that made my jaw clench as a bride!  However, I soon realized the enthusiastic, peppy gals who spewed this encouragement truly did believe all their hard work and planning was worth it, because they actually planned their dream wedding.  That was the key difference between me and the bridal cheerleaders.  My blood pressure would spike at that comment, because I knew I was planning a wedding that would leave me disappointed.  Their dream weddings consisted of magnet Save the Dates, a strapless designer wedding dress, DJ playing the Electric Slide in a stuffy banquet hall, some atrocious color pattern (hot pink and lime green comes to mind), overpriced flowers, and no wedding would be complete without the greedy guests hovering around the open bar.  While I envisioned autumn leaves, the Blue Ridge Mountains and my two furry beagle babies as the only guests in attendance.  It is clear that today’s wedding has become an overpriced, large sized value meal saturated with commercialism, industry pressure and media hype.  And the result is the same as eating the greasy fast food…it will leave you gassy and regretful. 

Wedding Rebellion is based on my treacherous journey as a bride and will hopefully give couples the power to plan selfish nuptials.  The modern wedding is too focused on pleasing and impressing the guests.  This blog is about honoring the vows and cherishing the union instead.  We will reflect on the history of bridal traditions, while sharing some wedding nightmares and shocking statistics along the way.  Understanding the original intent of marriage traditions will hopefully clear your head of chair covers and registries.   Hopefully reading this blog will give couples the strength to repel modern expectations and plan a wedding day that truly showcases the marriage.


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